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The Pheasant Inn

208 West Street
Rating out of 10
miles from centre
Prices from

Highwayman Hotel

London Rd
Rating out of 10
miles from centre
Prices from

About us

There are many hotel reservation sites available online. We decided to create Hotelrating.com because we found that on most sites, too many options and too much information is presented, which makes it surprisingly difficult for you to find the right hotel quickly. Hotelrating.com has reviewed the opinions of thousands of people about what they think is most important when they are looking for hotels. The responses to our survey can be reduced into three points:

  • Location
  • Price
  • Rating
Based on this survey, the idea for Hotelrating.com was born.

We have created a unique rating system based on these three attributes. Each hotel is graded on a five-point scale. Hotelrating.com has also developed a technique to find the most attractive center point in a city, called HCC. HCC stands for "Hotel Cluster Centre".

You can also sort hotels based on category. In accordance, we will find you the best family, couple or business hotels, based on reviews by previous hotel guests.

Hotelrating.com is managed by the Swedish company known as Westcoast Digital. The company has extensive experience with regard to the building of valuable services for consumers.

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